Hi, thanks for stopping by. Interested in finding out more about me? Well, I'm fueled by coffee and driven by ambition; I'm so far outside the box I don't even know what a box is, but I could tell you all about the Box Model. I live in Alexandria, VA and I'm a Web Technologist at AOL where I love making lean, mean, beautiful, semantic, accessible, and interactive web sites and applications. Whether at work or on a freelance gig, I spend most of my time working with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I've been known to use jQuery, CodeIgniter, PyroCMS and Wordpress often. Previously, I was a Front End Developer at Matrix Group and Senior Web Developer for Otion Creative. In 2008 I graduated from University of Hartford where I specialized in Multimedia Web Design & Development as well as Network Management; I also minored in Business Management and Management Information Systems.

I use HTML5 and CSS3 responsibly and practice progressive enhancement. Sometimes, I implement responsive design.

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